Your styles, actions, and time spent tell your story.  No one else sees the world like you do, so no one else should have the same design.  The details make the design and the family makes the home.

and we are here to help give you that confidence

Every home has a story... what is yours?


Dream House Studios is a full service design firm which assists clients with a wide range of challenges including, selection of architectural details and finishes, collaborating with architects and builders, decorating functional beautiful spaces with furniture, fabrics, accessories as well as creating custom pieces tailor-made for your home.


We believe cabinetry is custom fit furniture.  We represent semi-custom and custom lines to serve all your needs.  From the first sketch to the finishing touches, we want to transform your space into a tailored masterpiece.  Dream House Studios works with homeowners, builders and architects on a wide range of offerings from concept to completion.


It is the finishing step for our full service residential projects, but we also offer the service individually.  Our clients will call on us to refresh bookcases, to help get ready for an event in their home or seasonal decor.  Styling is a low-risk design service that is easy to update or showcase your personality and design aesthetic.

Interior Styling