Absolutely not!!  Anywhere you can imagine, we can design cabinetry.  Mudrooms, built-ins, banquettes, libraries, pantries and closets.

is your cabinetry catered towards kitchen & bathrooms only?


Yes!  We thrive on a team dynamic and work with other professionals (including designers) on many projects.  Each project is unique and requires something different from our talented team.

i already have an architect, builder and interior designer.  would i be able to hire you for cabinet design only?


We have relationships with multiple installers if you are not working with a contractor.  We will give an installation estimate at the design presentation for approval so you can budget into your project.

do you offer installation of cabinetry?


Of course we would love to be a part of the project from top to bottom.  This is where we shine and why we have a different perspective than a typical cabinet showroom.

would you be able to assist me with countertop, appliance, tile and lighting selections?