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May 19

This has been such an unprecedented time in all of our lives with the current pandemic. It is a time that brings about change, both good and (let’s say) different.

Blogging is something that we tried to do years ago but found it difficult to maintain with our project load. There has been such a shift in the industry and subsequently with the business over the last year.

We spent the last two months focused on all of the non sexy behind the scenes of the business process and are excited to introduce the 2.0 version of Dream House Studios. Our goal is to continue to focus on client projects as well as share things that inspire us through Instagram, Pinterest, the blog and shared links to our favorite retail items.

This blog will allow us to share our thoughts and inspiration for design, business and life. We hope that you will find it light and fun and we can show you how to elevate the every day.









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